AnimeNEXT 2017 facilities

In 2016 AnimeNEXT moved to Atlantic City, and our first year at the Atlantic City convention center was a rounding success. We’re in a larger facility than ever before and all the programming for the convention is in a single place. We received plenty of compliments from our attendees on the facilities. Thank you. We hope that you love our new space as much as we do! 


Atlantic City Convention Center

1 Convention Center Boulevard

Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Click here to learn more about the Atlantic City Convention Center.


AnimeNEXT 2017 Hotels

The volunteer staff of AnimeNEXT works hard every year every year to find convenient, efficient and local hotels for its attendees in the area around the convention. We hope that you like the accommodations we’ve made available for you, your family and friends.

Check our web site, or our social channels, for all our updates related to accommodations for 2017. We’ll strive to provide update as hotel blocks sell out and more hotels become available. Thanks, we’re looking forward to seeing you all in Atlantic City in 2017!

Click here to learn more about the Hotels for AnimeNEXT 2017.


Parking Information

At AnimeNEXT we understand that some of our faithful attendees may only come for one day or are local to the convention area. As a result you may have brought your automobile. That’s why we try to arrange for discounted parking for all of you out there with cars. As we get closer in the calendar to the convention check our parking Information page for discounts.


Local Restaurants

AnimeNEXT is in a great city for entertainment and dining, Atlantic City. There are all types of food and dining experiences for you when you come to spend the weekend with us, Italian food, tacos, pizza, wings, American fare, seafood, fine dining, and so much more. We think you’ll be able to find something you’ll like. We’re working with local businesses to arrange discounted meals and special deals for our attendees.

Stay tuned to our web site and our social channels. As we get closer to the convention dates we’ll be adding information about local establishments offering discounts and special deals for AnimeNEXT attendees.


Car Service Discounts

Over the last few years AnimeNEXT has developed partnerships with car service and ride-share apps. We’re going to try and do the same for you in 2017. So, if you’re local, or if you plan on taking mass transit to the convention and you need to get around keep watching this space for announcements.