Staffing FAQ

Please note that the staff application has closed for 2017. If you would like to be notified when the application opens up for 2018, subscribe here.

I’m interested in staffing. Where do I start?

Before we can consider you for the AnimeNEXT staff team, you must meet all the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age by the start of the convention weekend
  • Attend two (2) staff meetings*
  • Work the hours asked of your department. Expect to devote around 30 hours for the entire weekend
  • Have previous con experience as a volunteer or staffer (or some other applicable hospitality or customer service experience

*If you cannot attend meetings in person, you can dial in or join in remotely on your computer through our GoToMeeting conferencing software.


What’s the difference between Staff and Volunteers?

While both are technically volunteers, anyone who wants to become staff dedicate far more hours and handle larger duties and responsibilities than volunteers. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Staffer Volunteer
Monetary Compensation None None
Hotel Accommodations Yes No
Meals Yes No
Staff Shirt Yes – 2 for new staffers, 1 for returning No – but you do receive an AnimeNEXT t-shirt for volunteering at least 5 hours)
Minimum Hours Required Yes – but overall hours will depend on per department. Expect to dedicate around 30 hours through the entire weekend No – and you cannot work more than 4 hours at a time without a break
Pre-Reg Required No Yes – but you may receive up to 100% reimbursement for the purchase price of your badge, depending on the number of hours volunteered

Can I choose when I work during the convention weekend?

It will largely depend on the department that you’re placed in. If you know ahead of time which events you want to attend, speak with your Department Head to try to arrange a plan beforehand.


Am I allowed to cosplay while on shift?

It depends on the department. While there is no staff-wide ban on cosplay, some departments do require that you keep your staff shirt in plain sight at all times. Check with your Department Head on this. Also be aware that if you are wearing your staff shirt while off-shift, you may still be called upon to assist when necessary.


I noticed a bunch of staff wearing different shirt colors last year. What gives?

Certain departments are given specific shirt colors so other staffers and attendees can easily distinguish among the different staff. For your information:

Color Department
Blue Operations
Green Video Games
Orange Audio/Visual Tech
Purple Artist Alley & Dealers Room
Red Con Safety
Yellow Con Safety Captains
Black All Other Staff

How do hotel rooms for staff work? Do I have to be assigned a room with random people?

In addition to the staff application, we have a hotel application that you fill out. You have the option of rooming with up to three other staffers of your choosing, with four people per room. If you do not fill up all four slots within a room, any empty slots will be randomly assigned to another staffer.

However, if you wish to room with friends who are not staff, you are free to do so. For more information on how reimbursement works in these situations, please contact


I’m not very interested in being a staffer, after all. But I would like to still be a volunteer! Can I get more information on that? How can I sign up for that?

The Volunteer page has all the information you need.


My question still wasn’t included in this FAQ. Who can I contact?

If it is a staffing-related question, contact and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


How do I actually apply?

Applications for 2017 are now closed.