What is AnimeNEXT?

AnimeNEXT is the largest independently-run anime convention in the NY-NJ area and is held annually from Friday through Sunday in June. There are plenty of programming each day as well as merchants that you can purchase specialized merchandise from. We at AnimeNEXT pride ourselves in being 100% volunteer-run and are an event that’s for fans, by fans.

Wasn’t AnimeNEXT in New York at some point? Why did you move back to NJ? And all the way to Atlantic City?

Yes, AnimeNEXT 2003 was held in Rye Brook, NY, about 30 miles north of New York City. Eventually we moved to Secaucus, then Somerset, and then now we’re in Atlantic City.

How do I get to AnimeNEXT?

Our event takes place at the Atlantic City Convention Center, located in Atlantic City, NJ, 08401. For more information on how to get to the ACCC, please see our Location page.

Do you also run (insert other event name here)?

No. Universal Animation, Inc., which is the nonprofit corporation that runs AnimeNEXT, currently runs only one event — AnimeNEXT.

Are you planning on bringing back MangaNEXT?

Right now, the main priority is to focus on AnimeNEXT as it settles in its new home in Atlantic City. If there are any plans for any other events, we will be sure to make an announcement about it.


For all questions regarding registration, please refer to our Registration FAQ.


Where can I find the schedule?

The schedule doesn’t go live until about a week before the convention weekend, but please be advised that this schedule is always subject to change, up until and even during the event. For any schedule changes that happen right before or during AnimeNEXT will be passed along via our Info Desks on-site as well as via Facebook and Twitter.

What is there to do at AnimeNEXT?

There are lots to do! The events do vary year to year, but there is always something to do, including (but not limited to):

  • Anime Music Video Showcase

  • Artist Alley

  • Charity Event

  • Concerts

  • Cosplay Burlesque

  • Cosplay Masquerade

  • Dances

  • Dealers Room

  • Game Shows

  • Guest Autograph Sessions

  • Manga Library

  • Panels (tons and tons of variety each year)

  • Tabletop Gaming (includes CCG tournaments, board games, and Werewolf)

  • Video Games (includes tournaments and arcade machines)

  • Video Programming

Are there events that require additional money?

Most events are covered by your registration fee. There are a handful of events that will require additional cost due to special materials involved. However, these events will be designated on the schedule as requiring additional payment at the door of the event. In most cases, these events will have limited capacity and will require sign-up in advance to hold your spot. Instructions will be posted on the schedule.


For more information on how to apply for a table in the Artist Alley, please refer to the Artist Alley FAQ page (coming soon).


For more information on vending in the Dealers Room, please refer to our Dealers Room Information page (coming soon).

I want to become a vendor in the Dealers Room at AnimeNEXT. How can I secure my spot?

Prospective vendors will need to fill out an application to apply to be in our Dealers Room. We will announce when the application goes live on the website (you can subscribe to our RSS feed), on Facebook, and on Twitter.

How do you decide who gets selected for the Dealers Room?

We have a juried selection process, meaning that any group that wishes to vend in the AnimeNEXT Dealers Room are verified and selected based on a number of factors, including variety.


I really want to see (insert guest name here). Will s/he be there all three days?

Most guests plan to make an appearance for the entire convention weekend; however, given that many of them have busy schedules, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be available all three days. If you are interested in meeting a particular guest, we recommend attending their autograph session. Please check the schedule when it goes live about a week before the convention for this information.

I love (insert name). Can you invite them to the convention?

We take many factors into consideration when making guest invitations. You are welcome to post on our Facebook page or reply at us directly on Twitter for requests. We make sure to monitor requests through these channels to ensure that we’re bringing the right guests to AnimeNEXT.



I love AnimeNEXT! How can I help out and become part of your rad team?

We have two opportunities for you if you’d like to volunteer for AnimeNEXT:

  1. Volunteer – does not require dedication to a minimum number of hours

  2. Staff – requires minimum hours, attendance to staff meetings, and more. For more information on staffing, or for a comparison between being a volunteer versus being a staffer, please visit our Staffing FAQ