Hall Cosplay Contest Rules

1. Entrants to the Hall Costume Contest are limited to one entry per day (Friday and Saturday) per person. Each costume must be different for each day. If you are entering a costume in the Masquerade (i.e. the on-Stage Cosplay), you may not enter the SAME costume in the Hall Costume Contest.

2. Reference material for your costume is strongly recommended. References are not required but they are helpful for both the judges and entrants. Please come prepared to explain how you made your costume.

3. Original costumes are NOT permitted in the contest. This includes the following: fanart, ginjinka, and original characters. If you have an original costume you would like to enter please enter those costumes into the Masquerade where all costumes sources are permitted.

4. The Hall Costume Contest breaks down the entrants by level based on the following criteria. A major award is defined as any award containing the words ‘Best of’ or ‘1st Place’
PLEASE NOTE – If you are entering with more than one person your division is based on the level of your highest ranking entrant. If a single Craftsman enters with a Novice you will be considered a Craftsman.
· Youth – all entrants in the group are 14 years of age or younger
· Novice – All contestants in the group have won fewer than three (3) major awards for craftsmanship at any convention
· Journeyman – Any contestant in the group has won at least three major awards as a Novice but fewer than an additional three at the Journeyman level.
· Craftsman – Any contestant in the group has won three or more major prizes ABOVE the Novice level

5. The Hall Costume Contest is a craftsmanship contest. The judges will look at your costume based on how well it’s constructed and accuracy.

6. If you are the model for a costume that was made by someone else the person who constructed the costume must be present to explain its construction. Likewise if you enter a costume that has been commissioned, the commissioner must be the individual who enters the contest. Entering a commissioned work will disqualify the entry. Having help on a costume is more than ok, having someone else construct it entirely and taking credit is not.

7. No oversized costumes will be permitted in the contest. A good rule of thumb – if you can’t navigate the halls of the convention center safely, it will not be permitted to enter.

8. You may participate in the Hall Cosplay Walk On section of the masquerade if you choose. As this is a showcase of the costumes being entered in the contest you must be wearing a costume that you have entered into the contest.

9. Group entries may not exceed 5 people.

10. Entry into the contest is scheduled. Sign ups will begin on May 27th and will run until June 3rd.

Please note: it is very likely that all entry times will fill up before the closing date of contest entry. If you are interested in the contest please be sure to get your entry form in early. If all available entry spaces fill, there will be a waitlist that you can sign up for.

If you are on the waitlist or if you miss the entry deadline you may come to Hall Cosplay during scheduled times to see if there are any available times.

11. (for website only) If you are confused about any of the contest rules please email the contest coordinator at hallcosplay@animenext.org for clarification.