Artist Alley Rules

1. Pricing Info:
Regular (6 ft) Table – $100.00 (no registration included)
Artist Convention Registration – $45.00 (per registration)

2. Convention Badges: All artist and table helpers who wish to display and sell at the AnimeNEXT Artist Alley must purchase a three-day Artist Alley convention badge to AnimeNEXT. A convention badge is NOT included with the purchase price of your Artist Alley table. When you purchase your table you will also have the option to purchase an Artist Alley badge. We highly recommend you purchase this special price badge. If you have already purchased a badge you do not have to buy one at this point. Any questions regarding this can be sent to or

3. Check In: The person who purchased a table in the AnimeNEXT Artist Alley and whose name is listed on the form must ‘Check In’ at the Artist Alley staff table no later than 1:00 PM on Friday.

Any tables that have not been checked in by 1:00 PM on Friday without any form of contact will be forfeit and become available on Saturday morning for purchase.


4. Artist Alley Badges: All artists and their table helpers should have an Artist Alley Badge at all times during the convention. The Artist Alley Badge is equivalent to a normal Attendee Badge but permits those wearing it to enter the Artist Alley during setup times as well to sit behind tables in Artist Alley.

Each table has a limit of 3 Artist Alley Badges in total. We ask that all artists please make their best effort to notify us of their badge needs DURING the registration process and BEFORE the convention. Anyone found sitting at an Artist Alley table without an Artist Alley badge will be asked to leave – squatters will not be tolerated.

5. Table Limits: Individual artists, studios or groups are limited to a single 6-foot table in the Artist Alley. The display area is limited to the boundaries of that 6-foot table. If your display must sit on the floor it it must sit within 3 feet behind the table area and cannot disrupt the space or walkways of any neighboring artists.

6. Studio/Group Applications: Only ONE person per studio/group may submit a Letter of Intent to register for the Artist Alley. Anyone caught trying to get around the table limits by having friends or family also book tables will be given a warning, and then put on a watch list. A second attempt will earn a ban from the Artist Alley.

7. Double Booking: Any artist found exhibiting in both the Artist Alley and Dealers Room areas will be asked to pack up and leave immediately and will not receive any form of refund for their tables or badge(s).

If you are an artist who has been contracted by a vendor in the Dealers Room you may still exhibit in the Artist Alley so long as you are not an owner of the company vending in the Dealers Room and that your work does not makes up the majority of the items sold by said vendor. The resulting merchandise from your partnership may only be displayed and sold at either the vendor’s booth in Dealers Room or your own Artist Alley booth. Any specific item may not be sold in both locations.

8. Age Requirement: In order to purchase a table in the AnimeNEXT Artist Alley, an artist must be 18 years of age by the check in on the Thursday that the convention starts.

9. Copyrights and Fanart: Selling official artwork, Copyrighted/Trademarked materials or artwork of another artist without written permission is not allowed. Fanart is allowed so long as it follows the guidelines below:

  • Fanart must not be a copy, either by hand, computer, or other medium, of official artwork. This includes but is not limited to redraw products and pixel artwork such as pearler beads.
  • Fanart must be an original design, drawn in an artist’s own style with their own poses.
  • When displaying fanart, artists must respect the source’s trademarks. This includes but is not limited to avoiding things such as use of logos in their display, signage referring to the artwork by its series title or signage referring to a character’s name.

10. Adult Material: Adult material is allowed, so long as it is clearly marked, covered from display and supervised at all times. Artists are not allowed to sell adult material to minors (any person under the age of 18), and artists are responsible for checking that their customers are legally able to purchase said material. Adult material is defined as anything that is sexually explicit, portraying sexual acts (either heterosexual or homosexual), or portraying nudity. For Example: Nudity is considered as showing any body part(s) that would be normally covered by a typical bathing suit – swim trunks/Speedo for males, bikini for females.

11. Merchandise: This is a list of items that are and are not allowed to be sold in Artist Alley. If an item is not on either list, email to receive a ruling on whether it is allowed or not. Please remember that the Artist Alley is for both 2-D and 3-D artists who specialize in self-made anime, cosplay or fandom related merchandise.


  • Bags
  • Bookmarks
  • Books
  • Cards
  • Candles – Displayed product or back stock may not be lit at any time during the convention weekend. Product may not be sold with any form of ignition devices, such as matches or lighters.
  • CDs
  • Chain Mail
  • Cosmetics – Please see Cosmetics section below for more information.
  • Cosplay & Cosplay Accessories
  • Etched Glass
  • Foam Cosplay Props that meet the Convention Weapons Policy
  • Games
  • Hats
  • Pins/Buttons
  • Plushies
  • Posters
  • Prints
  • T-Shirts


  • All cosmetics must be to full FDA regulation. This includes both materials used and packaging restrictions.
  • Items such as nail polish that give off extremely heavy scents are not allowed to be opened within the room. All samples must be fully cured and give off a scent that can be contained within your space.
    You may be requested to remove an item if its scent is found to be irritating to your neighbors or to attendees.
  • All sample applications must be done by the prospective buyer and cannot be applied by the artist or a helper.


  • Airbrushes
  • Food and Drinks – Including but not limited to prepared or packaged food, candy, and drinks.
  • Store-bought or wholesale merchandise
  • Metal and wooden weapons or any other cosplay props that DO NOT meet the Convention Weapons Policy
  • Face painting or any other makeup application
  • Heat Sources – Including but not limited to convection ovens, hair dryers, heat presses, or clothing irons. For any bead sprite artists, any custom pieces must be ironed outside of the ACCC.